Welcome! Sailing Through is about both the joy of sailing and the joy of helping you reconnect to yourself. Time spent sailing, disconnected from the pressures of everyday life, can help you reconnect to the things that matter the most to you. Therapist and Captain Kelly Purinton (here) helps you not just enjoy the beauty of the Maine coast, but also contribute to your own well-being. We offer Traditional Day Charters as well as “value added” charters, which incorporate another activity such as photography, poetry writing, Tarot card reading, instruction, etc. In addition we offer group sailing lessons and therapy while under sail.

Captain Kelly is thrilled to be back at Paul’s Marina, where the staff genuinely feels like family. Paul’s is located in northern Casco Bay where the sailing is qualitatively different from Portland Harbor. The scenery abounds with several places to duck in and pick up moorings nestled in the coves of several islands. And best of all, because there’s no commercial traffic the sailing genuinely feels as though it’s on vacation. For directions, parking, marina information and detailed charter information, select Sailing Charter Descriptions.

To reserve a charter, fill out the Contact Us form or call 207-650-9484